To order a dress either from the catalogue or a new design, please provide full measurements of the skater. These should be taken as instructed on this page.

Once you have the measurements, please fill in the order form at the bottom of the page or send us an email.

For best results, please record these measurements as indicated by a number on the diagram:

  1. Neck
    Measure around the lowest part of the neck.

  2. Bust
    Measure the figure at the fullest point of the bust, do not allow the tape to fall at the back.

  3. Waist
    Measure around the waist.

  4. Hips
    Measure around the widest part of the hips.

  5. Waist to hip
    Tie a string around the waist and measure down to the hip vertically.

  6. Wrist
    Measure around the wrist, where the sleeve should end.

  7. Waist to floor
    Measure from the waist all the way to the floor (barefoot).

  8. Sleeve length
    Place the hand on the hip so that the arm is bent. Measure from the shoulder bone over the elbow to the wrist bone above the little finger.

  9. Neck to waist
    Measure from the centre of the front shoulder over the bust point to the waist.

  10. Girth
    Measure around from in between the legs, over the shoulders and back around.

  11. Arm hole
    Measure from the shoulder bone to the armpit.

  12. Upper arm
    The arm must be bent, measure around the biceps.

  13. Shoulder
    Measure from the neck to the shoulder bone.

  14. Nape to waist
    Measure from the beck bone at the centre back to the string tied around the waist.

  15. Back width
    Measure across the back from under-arm to under-arm where the bust measurement was taken.

  16. Body rise
    The skater should sit on a hard chair. Take the measurement from the waist to the chair.

  17. Top ankle
    Measure around the leg just above the ankle.