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Blitzing the Blitz dress

Sadly we didn't record the pain that it was to actually sow this dress (flapper tassles are a pain... next time we make one we'll show you exactly what we mean). However, we did manage to remember to record a little of the process of making this dress shine.

So how did we get to this beautiful point? With a lot of pain a couple of burns! We use hotfix real swartzki crystals as much as we can, but sometimes to save money or to add details without adding sparkle we use simple glass rhinestones (still hotfix... glue is smelly).

We started with a line of Swartzki, size SS20 AB crystals. The line was drawn with a spacial felt tip that comes off with water: Hence the wet patches in the picture.

We drew the whole design on paper, and then copied from the paper to the dress, however that is still limited, so to make sure the semicircles stayed as even as possible, we put the ends and the middle stones as you can see. (and in the process I managed to burn my arm).

After the lines and semicircles were finished, we drew the outlines of the centrepiece, one stone at a time, starting with the bigger ones and working to the smallest until it was complete.

Here you can see the lines we drew to make sure all the stones are in the right place.

And here is a closeup of the finished centre piece.

Stoning the back and belt is also very important!

Until finally, after over 12 hours of work and three burns, the dress was finally finished!

To see how amazing it looks in the ice, simply go to the portfolio!

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